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Across Springfield and throughout the region, auto buyers overwhelmingly choose to take home a stylish, well-appointed Chevrolet. One of the many reasons why you may have been drawn to our models is because of the well-earned reputation for manufacturing durable, reliable vehicles.

The parts that are used to produce each of our vehicles have been carefully designed and manufactured from quality materials. While these are parts that you can count on over the years, regular usage of your vehicle will cause many of these parts to eventually wear out, such as the brakes or transmission parts. Other parts, such as the side mirrors or the bumpers, may be damaged if you are involved in any type of collision. Replacement parts are essential for the ongoing maintenance of your Chevy, and we are your source for quality OEM parts for all of your replacement needs.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, auto parts are superior to aftermarket parts in numerous ways. Regardless of whether you allow our certified technicians to replace worn out or damaged parts on your Chevy or you pick up parts from our dealership to do the work yourself, rest assured that only OEM parts are available through our dealership.

OEM Parts Have a Focus on Quality

When replacement parts are needed for your Chevrolet, you understandably demand superior quality. It is easy to assume that OEM and aftermarket parts would be fairly similar, but this is not actually the case. The manufacturers of OEM parts maintain high standards that Chevrolet has established. Keep in mind that all OEM parts are equivalent in every way to the original equipment that was installed in your vehicle. This is quality that you know and can count on. Aftermarket parts produced by various third-party companies may not have the same high standards, and they also may use various different materials. You can see that the quality of these parts is uncertain.

Will My Part Be Supported?

OEM Brakes and Parts

Because of the questionable quality of aftermarket parts, there may be a concern about having to return to the service center for additional work if those parts fail prematurely. Some aftermarket parts are sold with a warranty, but others do not have a warranty. Simply having a warranty is not enough to feel confident that needed replacements will be made without hassle. After all, the manufacturer is responsible for supporting and servicing that warranty. Our OEM parts are generally all sold with warranties, and we wholeheartedly stand behind our products.

Built For Your Chevy

Easy Brake Installations

Another important difference between OEM and aftermarket parts is the fit. Because OEM parts are each specifically made for one model, they have a proper fit, and they are easy for our technicians to install properly. Compare this to aftermarket parts, which may be produced for use in many different models across several model years. These parts do not always have the precise fit that is required for easy installation or for superior longevity in the vehicle.

You can see that OEM parts are your top choice when repair or replacement work is needed. Stop by our parts department today to pick up the OEM parts that are needed for your do-it-yourself project, or call us to schedule service with our skilled auto techs soon.


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