Hear What Our Customers Have to Say :

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for a wonderful staff that you have in your service department. I have owned Chevys all my life and spent time with many different dealerships over the years and have never had the courtesy, professionalism and friendliness I experienced at your dealership. We started having issues with our 1 ton Silverado just east of Joplin and limped our way to Springfield. From the gal that answered the phone and gave me directions to your facility, to your crew at the service desk and your knowledgeable mechanics, what could've been a disaster turned out to be fairly painless. We had a 25' horse trailer hooked up with 2 horses, it was going into a holiday weekend, it was hot, you guys were busy and I had a parrot along also. You realized we had live animals, a huge rig, were out of town and in need. Your staff immediately hooked us up to portable diagnostics, showed us were to drop the trailer out of the way, allowed me to keep the parrot with me in the A/C of your waiting area and immediately took the truck into service with no waiting. They found the problem quickly, fixed it, didn't try to sell or talk me into anything else, sent someone to help hook the trailer back up and got us out of there with minimal fuss. In just over an hour, we were back on the road with the truck running perfectly. You usually hear bad things about car dealerships, but your service crew was excellent. My hat's off to you and if you were closer, I'd take my truck to you for all it's service. Thanks again for your fast response, for recognizing the touchy situation of live animals on board, accommodating us during a pre-holiday busy afternoon, and the friendliness and knowledge exhibited by all your staff!
     Suzy F.,07/06/2010

To Whom It May Concern: 

I just wanted to let you know what wonderful customer service we received last week from your Service Consultant, Debbie Peavey. We were having transmission problems when we came into Springfield last Tuesday. We stopped at the GMC dealership and they wouldn't even look at our car until Wednesday morning. They referred us to your service department. Debbie promptly helped us, told us about the diagnostic charge and kept us informed while we were waiting. She then found a truck for us to use and referred us to the motel since the service employees wouldn't know everything about the car until Wednesday morning. Debbie called us around 9AM Wednesday and explained our options with the car. We went back to the service area, gathered the rest of our belongings out of the car and used the truck to get back to Topeka. She said the car would be ready by Friday she thought. Les called late Thursday afternoon and yes everything looked good for pick up on Friday. We left Topeka early Friday and when we pulled into the service area Debbie was smiling and said she had just called to tell us the car was ready. After pay the bill and hugs of appreciation we were on our way back home. Even though our trip was ended in Springfield, Debbie helped us with our options and her upbeat attitude was refreshing. We really appreciated all she did to help us. You are very lucky to have an employee like Debbie to extend your steluar customer service. 

     Helen and Les D.,07/01/2010

I came in a few weeks ago with some concerns about my 08 Silverado. I was encouraged by the staff that I was in good hands. Craig, Kyle, and Kate all did a wonderful job in addressing my questions and dealing with them in a timely manner. It doesn't seem like a lot of places give good customer service anymore, I'm glad that you're not like them!
     Tyler T.,04/03/2010

Gentlemen,  I would like to take this opportunity to brag on some of your exemplary employees.  My husband and I purchased a new Chevy truck on Feb. 12, and have nothing but great things to say about Vern Whelchel, David Patton, and Mark Sample.  Each of these men represented your business in a very professional, non-pressuring way.  Vern was an absolute delight in that he didn't have that "stuffed shirt, buy this now" attitude.  I would definitely
return to him with future business.  Dave and I took a little bit of time, going back and forth, just making sure we were on the same page...but I think if I have done my homework prior to masking a purchase, that is to be expected. He was very patient and did not make me feel rushed.  Mark Sample was great at his job, also. He was calm, factual, and not in a hurry...taking his time to answer all of our questions.  We felt as though your company has put together a great team in these three men, all of whom were delightful to do business with. Please know that we will be recommending Reliable to our friends and family, as well as returning again, (as we did this time), for future automotive needs.  Please see that Vern, Dave and Mark get copies of this, as I'm not sure I have their E-mail addresses and want them to know how much we enjoyed working with them.
     Thank you,
Judy and Lee Zimmerman