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Domino's Has Partnered with Chevrolet

If you don't have time to stop for pizza on the ride home, worry no more. Domino's has partnered with Chevrolet to make ordering pizza possible from your car. Chevy and Domino's have created in-vehicle pizza-ordering technology.

Chevrolet Uses The Technology in Your Car

Smartphones and mobile apps are becoming more and more commonplace. As part of this revolution, access to this technology has also become more accessible through your vehicle. How does this let you order pizza from your car? The Chevrolet Marketplace makes it easy to find gas stations or even make a dinner reservation. Recently introduced to this marketplace is the option to order Domino's pizza so that you can access this from the touchscreen of your Chevrolet. This helps save drivers time by making it easy to save your order and access it as quickly as possible.

Convenience is Reimagined

With this impressive technology by Chevrolet and Domino's, it has never been easier to order your food. With this exciting technology being unveiled, we are sure to see many additional impressive apps to begin to arrive in the Chevrolet Marketplace. From finding local destinations or ordering food, there is much potential and excitement around these technologies being integrated into Chevy vehicles. If you are a Domino's fan, there is no better vehicle for ordering pizza the 2017 and on Chevy models.

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Hungry for some pizza? Head over to your very own Reliable Chevrolet to learn about the exciting collaboration with Domino's and Chevy. This impressive feature is available in millions of Chevy models from 2017 models and on. Ordering pizza has never been easier with Chevrolet and Domino's.