How do I manage and schedule my service visits with the myChevrolet App?

The world is quickly becoming a much more convenient place to live thanks to apps like Chevrolet's innovative myChevrolet app. It's your constant link to your vehicle's usefulness, information, and even functions, allowing you to have complete control over your ownership from day one of your purchase. Your vehicle is going to take you a lot of places over the years, perform faithful service to you, and give you a better quality of life. The myChevrolet app is designed to let you maximize your vehicle's usefulness to you.

How to Manage and Schedule My Service Visits

Among the many other helpful functions of the myChevrolet app is a convenient service where you can take a trip to your local dealer's service center. It's as simple as getting your myChevrolet app up and running and setting your preferred dealer. If you don't have a preferred dealer, you can search for the dealer nearest to you. It's simple to get everything set up, and you can use your OnStar login as well as your Owner center username and password.

Once you've got everything set up, it's a matter of scheduling your service on the app. Just open it op, move over to your preferred dealer area, and you're all good to go. Pick a date and time that's handy for you, and if it's available, you're all set. It's the ideal way to schedule service quickly and then keep track of your service history.

In a busy world, it can be difficult to remember just when that last oil change was. With the app, you'll even get reminders when your next maintenance is necessary. Need a repair instead? You can schedule that as well, depending on when your dealer is available for your repair. It doesn't get easier than that! It's a busy life, and you deserve an app that makes things easier while keeping your car healthy.

More Information About myChevrolet

The myChevrolet app is your constant connection to your beloved Chevy vehicle. You'll never have to write down or try to remember a service date again. Simplify your life and vehicle maintenance and repair with the myChevrolet app. If you have any questions about setting it up with our dealership, give us a call today. We'll be happy to tell you about all the neat things you can do with your myChevrolet app! Thanks for depending on us for information about all things Chevy.