When Should You Get An Oil Change

Getting Your Oil Changed

When you invest in a new vehicle, there is a certain amount of routine maintenance that you need to take on in order to protect your investment. One of these routine processes is changing your oil. The oil in your vehicle needs to be changed periodically in order to maintain the efficiency of your vehicle. This will also prevent other issues from occurring. Many people don’t understand clearly how often the oil in their vehicle should be changed. This information actually varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Each model of vehicle is different. You also have to consider all of the factors that contribute to the overall wear and tear of your vehicle. Some vehicles are going to require an oil change every 3,000 miles. If that vehicle is being driven in harsh conditions every single day, then this will alter the frequency. It is best to start with the recommendation that is set by your manufacturer and then change your mileage or frequency from there. Our trusted service center will also advise you to get an oil change if there is something going wrong with your vehicle that would affect the quality of oil in your engine.

Why Are Oil Changes Needed?

Engine Oil Service

Having fresh oil put in your vehicle will increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle. You can also prevent issues such as contaminants entering your engine or other areas of your vehicle. Sludge is formed from water that accumulates in the oil. Abrasive particles can be absorbed into your oil over time and this will only slow down your engine and make it shut down prematurely. Your oil is an important part of your entire vehicle functioning optimally. Make sure to select a high quality oil that is recommended for your vehicle. An oil filter should be of high-quality as well. This filter will protect your engine from outside particles and contaminants.

When Should an Oil Change Be Completed?

Some people think that the answer to this question is based on the amount of mileage that is on your vehicle. Other people go by the frequency. There is no definitive answer. If your vehicle is operating under extreme conditions, then you may need to change your oil every 1,000 miles. A vehicle that is driven in normal driving conditions, to and from work each day may only require an oil change every 7,500 miles. Your best bet is to consult your owners manual to see what is recommended. You can then speak with our service center technicians to find out if you should abide by those recommendations based on your vehicle and how often it is being driven. Stop-and-go driving, idling for long periods of time and driving long distances can all change the frequency of your oil change.

If you are very aware and diligent about taking proper care of your vehicle, then you can trust that your vehicle will be around for many years to come. It is important to not only think about how often an oil change will need to be done, but it is important to think about the type of products that you are using. Oil brands have improved their products to lengthen the amount of time that can go by between oil changes. There are also better quality oil filters that you can select from.

Always discuss your oil change schedule with a professional here at Reliable Chevy to ensure that you are making the right decision for your vehicle. This is a big investment that you have made. Make the right decisions to protect that investment for many years to come.

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