5 Ways to Save Money On Gas For Your Summer Roadtrip

5 ways to save money

As you get ready to plan your summer road trip, it always helps to pay attention to ways you can save money. When you want to make the most out of your summer but you are on a budget, you can take some steps to save money on gas for your road trip. At Reliable Chevrolet, we want you to have a great time traveling this summer. Here are a few ways to save a little cash when you want to explore the open road.

Buy Gas Early or Late in the Day

When the weather is really hot, gas expands and is less dense. While it will only be a small savings, when you buy gas early or late in the day when the weather is cooler, the gas will be more dense. Fill your car when the weather is at the coolest part of the day, and also buy gas before the weekend starts to get the cheapest prices.

Maintain a Steady Pace

Frequent stops and starts add to the cost of your overall gas consumption. Drive at a steady pace and don't speed on the open road. When you drive too fast, the excessive drag on your vehicle is going to decrease your fuel efficiency and make it more expensive to drive your car.

Save on Gas

Watch Your Time Spent Idling

If you leave your car running while waiting for your partner to get ready, you are wasting gas. While you may want to cool off the car for a few minutes before getting into it, pay attention to how much time you spend sitting idle in your car with it running. When you run your air conditioning on high and your car is sitting idle, you are still using plenty of gas while you wait.

Be Mindful of Wind Resistance

When you are driving on a long trip, wind resistance matters. Anything that inhibits the aerodynamics of your car can impact your fuel efficiency. If you have bikes or kayaks on the top of your vehicle, take them off at your final destination while you drive around town. Drive with the windows closed, as open windows are going to cause excessive drag.

Don't Get Stuck Without Gas

Saving on gas

If you let your car get close to empty while traveling, you will be stuck paying the price of gas at whatever station you find. Gas stations that are close to the highway are generally more expensive, so try to fill up before you need gas and at a station further away from the highway.

During the hot summer months, enjoy the time you get to spend traveling. Visit us at Reliable Chevrolet if you want to talk about fuel efficient vehicles, or take one out for a test drive. You can find the perfect car for your next road trip at our showroom. Talk with a member of our sales team today to learn more.

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